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Evgeniy V. Mamontov, Candidate of technical sciences, deputy CEO for R&D, NPO Pribor (4-6 17th line V.O., Saint Petersburg, Russia), E-mail: 


Background. The main tasks solved by the air traffic control service (ATC) are: ensuring the departure and reception of aircraft (AC) according to the daily plan; issuance of dispatching permits; timely establishment of restrictions on the acceptance and release of aircraft according to the state of airfields, ground equipment, weather conditions; ensuring the withdrawal of the aircraft for landing with the help of a landing radar; prevention of flights on unprepared runways (runways); constant control over the movement of the aircraft using ground-based radio equipment; providing aircraft crews with operational information on the air situation; prevention of aircraft deviations from the established routes, routes, descent and approach patterns, entry and exit corridors from the aerodrome area; provision of established separation intervals between aircraft; crew information about the location of the aircraft and the meteorological situation; reporting by the crew of information about the presence and nature of dangerous weather events in the flight area and issuing recommendations for avoiding them; constant interaction with civil aviation control centers (CA) and other departments to agree on the conditions of flights and ensure their safety and regularity; continuous listening to the radio stations of the Armed Forces and conducting radio exchange according to the established rules and phraseology. At some airports, landing delivery also includes starting aircraft and starting engines. Materials and methods. This position is especially important at heavily congested airports to improve safety. The flight data processing system is shown to manage all data related to the flight plan, including – to a low or high degree – track information after correlation between them (flight plan and track). Results and conclusions. All of this information is extended to modern display operating systems, making it available to controllers. 

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air traffic, safety, management, reliability, human factor 

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Mamontov E.V. Some problems of improving the efficiency of air traffic control systems. Nadezhnost' i kachestvo slozhnykh sistem = Reliability and quality of complex systems. 2022;(1):5–8. (In Russ.). doi:10.21685/2307-4205-2022-1-1 


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